02|17|14 - Derreck Kayongo to Begin SAB's Genocide Awareness Week -

Derreck Kayongo, a refugee of the Ugandan civil war, will share his experiences as a refugee and how he turned his struggles into an opportunity.

01|17|14 - King Vigil Depicts Journey of Violence -

On Jan. 19, the Sunday before Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the students, faculty and staff affiliated with the King Center have organized a vigil and march that will take participants on a journey through time.

01|16|14 - Peace Corps Visits UK -

An information session about joining the Peace Corps will take place from 5 to 6 pm. Thursday, Jan. 23.

11|14|13 - Confucius Institute Presents Lecture on Japanese Agrarian Immigration to China -

A free public lecture by Asano-Tamanoi titled "Transnational 'Manchuria,' Trans-nationalized Japan, and the Future of Postwar Japan" will begin 4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 19, in the Alumni Gallery of Young Library.

11|07|13 - UK Community Encouraged to Get Involved at NCUR 2014 -

The National Conference on Undergraduate Research will bring nearly 4,000 additional students from across the country to the UK campus where they will present their research and creative endeavors while meeting other like-minded students.

04/22/14 Drug War Zone. Frontline Dispatches from the Streets of Juarez and El Paso @ Whitehall Classroom Building Rm. 102
Dr. Howard Campbell
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